Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Tuakana teina

Yesterday we were lucky to have Lorenze and Tawera join us in Room 16 and read to us in te reo Māori. We are basing our next writing task off the illustrations in a te reo Māori book and we got the experts in to translate for us.

Thank you very much Lorenze and Tawera!!

Year 5/6 Speech Finals

Congratulations to Ben, Maddy, Louis and Smilla for making it into the Yr 5/6 speech finals. They impressed us all with their presentation and spent a lot of time over the past week practising and preparing for today. 
Smilla sharing her personal speech about being deaf.

Ben humouring us all and convincing us that cats are better than dogs. 

Louis making us all hungry with his speech about waffles. 

Maddy making us fear our friends and convincing us not to be come cannibals. Duly noted!

Mr Mouat and Mrs Pateman, our amazing judges, awarding Ben with the trophy.

Well done to all the Year 5/6 speech finalists.

Our wonderful Navigator 2 speakers!

Congratulations on becoming the Year 5/6 Speech winner for 2019 Ben!

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Passion Projects

Although it is a short week, we are making fabulous progress on our Passion Projects (as well as some great writing, algebra learning and singing of waiata!)

Teagan and Arya are working with stencils to create decorations for their drawers and animal toys

Ben and AJ can now carry out small conversations in Spanish and Italian!

Leah is nearly ready to work with watercolours on canvas!

Georgia's model is coming together

Lochie is learning to use carving tools on his surfboard

Gabriela is taking care to pin her material correctly on her pattern

Monday, 11 November 2019


Congratulations to our super learners today who were recognised as being
Switched on to Learning
Learning Together
Thinking for Myself

Friday, 8 November 2019

Lambs Visiting

Yesterday morning Jai brought his four lambs along for us to pet and feed - Prince Charming, Kevin, Ivy and Ronaldo were a huge hit! We loved being able to give them cuddles.

Thanks Ferguson family!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Shave ya Lid for our Kid!

This afternoon we had five brave students who went above and beyond in supporting Lochie.



Blowing Us Away!

This morning Leroy blew us away. He is building a wooden boat to scale and all his plans are in feet and inches. Because of this he has to do heaps of conversions to centimetres. To make this easier he has coded a programme that does these conversions for him!! Woah Leroy, you are amazing!

Jack is doing so well with his drumming that Maddox has asked him to teach him how to play!

Ashton is helping Cooper paint his tyres to create small seats

Maya is painting her guinea pig cage

Sam is creating mini animal models out of clay

Arthur is designing a Mars city!!

Connor has plans and dimensions for his go-cart
We are so proud of the variety of Passion Projects that are on the go. Feel free to come and visit anytime, we will be sharing them with our community in week 9.