Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Passion Project Sharing

This afternoon we have been really proud to share our huge term of work with our families, friends and peers. Thank you for coming along to celebrate with us.

Gabriela's dress

Maddox's birds

Harvey's steam train

Danica's jewellery

Brodey's game

Franziska's horse cover

Maddy's crafts

Arthur's Mars design

Greta's fabulous light decorations

Georgia's architectural garden model

Rosa's house

Sam's clay models

Eva's sewing
Isabella's horse jumps

Lochie's surfboard

Ashton's planter boxes

Aaron speaking Afrikaans
Cooper's tyre cushions

Noah's Eiffel Tower

Arya's drawers

Felicity's chocolate
Teagan's cat toys

Jack playing drums

Zak's origami

Van's sketching

Kyan's basketball clinics

Micah's football clinics

AJ's Italian language and cooking

Simone's fashion design
Leah and Smilla's art

Connor's go cart

Kuhu's oil painting

Ella's ballet art

Leon's sketching

Jai's fish

Ben's Spanish language

Leroy's 1:12 scale boat

CJ's football game

Friday, 13 December 2019

Learning to Sew

During our Christmas decoration making today, almost everyone learnt to sew! It was so exciting to see our students focussing so hard on a new skill. There are some amazing creations coming home today!

"Yay, I've got it!" Jai was heard to say

Threading needles was the biggest challenge!

AJ was a bit of an expert sewer

Jack was super proud of his new skill

Harvey's stuffed snowman is cool!

Tuakana Teina

Yesterday we had a lovely morning working alongside our younger students to create Christmas cards. We were such fantastic role models for the Year 2s - well done!

Louis and Joey

AJ and Isla

Van and Hudson

Maddox and Harper were so cute working together!

Isaac was a super example for Caleb